Dennis Salt - President

Dennis has been in the HVAC industry for 60 years. He finished 4 years of schooling at Salt Lake Technical College. He has served in all capacities of the HVAC trade from journeyman to superintendent, and has been in management for over 35 years. In the past he was the president of the Utah Sheet Metal Contractors Association, and is presently serving as the owner and President of Atlas Sheet Metal Inc.

 Micheal T. Salt - Owner

Micheal has served 4 years apprenticeship in the sheet metal trade. He attended Salt Lake Technical College for 4 years. He has over 30 years of experience and is currently serving as owner and Vice President for Atlas Sheet Metal Inc.

 Jeff Russell - Project Manager

Jeff Russell has worked in the HVAC industry since 1995, and has completed the 4 year HVAC program at Salt Lake Community College. His management ability has always shown with being under the project deadline and maintaining a professional and safe work environment.  

 Justin Salt - Estimator

Justin has been estimating for over 7 years and finds new and innovated ways to use technology to create estimates from small to large under the deadline. he uses his years of experiance to create the perfect design for the client and has a key eye for the bottom line and budgeting.

Chuck Bailey - Service Manager

Chuck has more than 20 years in the service industry. His knowledge and ability to see the bottom line costs will always save you money and get your system up and running quickly. He is a true man of character and integrity. Chuck will always go the extra mile in any situation.